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Panasonic Unveils world’s First 3D Camcorder

Panasonic has aready launched a number of HD camcorders (including Panasonic HDC-TM700K and Panasonic HDC-SD60K) but recently it presented the world’s first high-definition camcorder able to record in 3D.

The model is called HDC-SDT750 and in order to film in 3D it makes use of a sophisticated double lens, with the lenses being located side by side. The spokesman for Panasonic, Barnaby Sykes, mentioned that the camcorder acts similar to a human’s brain, converging two images together to make one three-dimensional picture.

It would be interesting to note that the images recorder on Panasonic’s new camcorder can be played on 3D TVs. One can view the images using so-called active shutter glasses that open and close over each eye in an alternating pattern at a speed of 60 times per second. These glasses trick the brain into thinking that it is seeing one image in 3D. In reality each eye of the viewer sees a somewhat different view of the same scene.

It is possible that in the near future the lens system used in Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D could allow people to make 3D video calls via the Internet.It is worth mentioning that the camcorder boasts a number of other interesting features, including face recognition, smile shot function and stabilization function. With the smile shot function the camera can detect a smiling face and automatically capture a still picture. Using the stabilization function, the user can smooth out camera shake.

In addition, by removing the 3D lens you can use the camcorder as a standard 2D model. The company said that its new 3D camcorder will hit the market this September.

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TRENDnet Launches USB 3.0 Adapters for Laptops and PCs

Although USB 3.0 is already available, a lot of people are still using somewhat older computers.

In order to benefit from the speeds of up to 4.8Gbps, TRENDnet launched a USB3.0 adapter with a 2 port Express Card Module (TU3-H2EC) for laptop computers and 2 port PCI-Express adaptor (TU3-H2PIE) for desktops.

It is worth mentioning that the new USB3.0 adapter can be plugged into any Express Card slot on your Windows-running laptop.

The TU3-H2EC also comes with a power adaptor that can be used to power your USB 3.0 devices.As for the windows-based desktops, you will be able to connect the adaptor to any free PCI-Express slot on the computer.

It would be interesting to note that the TU3-H2EC is backwards compatible to USB 2.0, which means that your older USB devices will still function.If you want to buy a TRENDnet TU3-H2EC USB3.0 adapter for laptop, you will have to spend $ 62.99 and if you want a TRENDnet TU3-H2PIE USB3.0 adapter for PC, then prepare to spend $ 50.99.

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Mimo Presents iMo Monster – Large 10-inch Touscreen Monitor

The popular secondary display company called Mimo has recently presented its latest gadget – a USB monitor called iMo Monster. It is worth mentioning that among other touchscreen monitors from Mimo, this is now the largest in the company’s submonitor class. The company’s new device has a 10-inch touchscreen display that boasts a 1,024 x 600 resolution panel. Mimo’s device weights only 1.77 pounds. It also supports both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.In addition, through USB connection you can recharge the monitor and easily connect other devices to it. Thus there will be no need for additional VGA cables or video cards.The iMo Monster also features a stylus and a 4.5-inch USB 2.0 cable. Mimo’s gadget provides sharp graphics and a wide range of business applications

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Thin but Solid Table

This table is just 2mm thick and 4 meters long. It is both tough and light due to the fact that it is fully made of carbon fiber, which is widely used in the F1 industry. The designer of this table is John Barnard, who creates furniture using high-tech materials.

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Beagle Mars Lander

The exhaust pipe of a Formula 1 car is made from a lightweight material able to resist the heat produced by the engine. While creating the Mars Lander engineers used the same lightweight material, which is perfect for protecting the spacecraft as it screams through the atmosphere of the red planet from space.

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Carbon-fiber Relaxing and Entertaining Womb

This device looks like a cocoon. It was developed to provide a comfy and entertaining atmosphere for people who feel stressed and/or tired at the office. Inside, a person has the ability to control the climate, lighting, TV and audio. Some of the features used in this device were inspired from the F1 car’s cockpit. The carbon-fiber “womb” was designed by Lee McCormack and constructed by specialists from McLaren.

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Satellite Boost

In 2006 NASA launched its Hinode satellite with the goal of gathering important information regarding the way the activity of the Sun influences our planet. The technology used in the satellite was also developed by F1 engineers, who provided their help in developing a 3-metre-long telescope. They were able to make the telescope lighter and worked on the development of a housing which was strong enough to protect fragile tools from the shock of blast off.

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Recycled Energy

In the picture you can see a spinning flywheel that is able to accumulate up to 600 kJ of energy for later use. It is worth mentioning that in 2009 F1 cars will use these flywheels to accumulate energy generated during braking. This idea is currently being investigated by different commercial car manufacturers, who look forward to reduce the use of fuel on roads.

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Shock Absorber Knee Brace

In order to decrease the level of bouncing on even surfaces, scientists use hydraulic dampers in F1 vehicles. A team of engineers at car builder McLaren managed to use the same technology in a lightweight knee brace, which has already been tested on US marines. It is worth mentioning that the marines quite often get injured when they stand in fast-moving inflatable boats that slam down quite hard after jumping waves. Thus, one’s knee must absorb the level of energy similar to jumping off a 2.5 meter wall every couple of seconds. This shock absorber is able to control the bending of the knee and realign the person’s leg prior to the future impact. The device can also be used to hold up injured knees after surgery.

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Monocoque Wheelchair

Mike Spindle is a British designer who developed this wheelchair. It is worth mentioning that before starting working on this innovation Mike Spindle accumulated years of experience creating F1 parts, including suspension, wheels and chassis. This wheelchair is world’s first commercial product of its kind to feature a monocoque design, which in fact means that its power comes from the external skin and not from the chair’s internal frame. With the help of this technology, the designer managed to develop a chair that is both lighter and stronger. The chair features a smart dynamic braking system. The user slows down and steers with the help of two hand levers, which can also lock the device when stationary. There’s also an attachable automatic umbrella hidden on the back of the wheelchair. Without wheel the folded chair weights 9kg.

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