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Improving Your Link Popularity With Directory Submissions

Directory submission services are a great way for your website to attain considerable online popularity. This is done by submitting the URL of your website to hundreds of excellent site directories, for the purpose of increasing its exposure in a specific category. Normally, people flock to directories to gain easy access to a number of sites, and you can benefit from this by making your website accessible in these directories.

When you submit your site to a directory, the name and URL of your website will come up during directory searches for a particular category. The websites in these directories are ordered according to groups, making it easier for internet users to find the specific site that they are looking for. Along with exceptional website content, appropriate keyword placement, and effective online marketing efforts, directory submissions will help your website achieve higher levels of long-term publicity and credibility.

The Clear Advantages of Directory Submissions

One of the plain advantages of manual directory submissions is enhanced exposure. Through this your product or service offerings will be more accessible to a wider range of clients. Your website is not merely available through search engines, but in various directories as well.

Secondly, this SEO technique will improve your page rank over time. As more traffic streams into your website, these web directories are bound to place you on higher rankings through a particular category. This translates to even more page views and increased quality traffic to your website.

Third, your website will gain better link popularity through link sharing. Directories typically classify the various websites, thus when one visitor clicks on a particular website, there is a good probability for the other websites to be viewed as well. This is primarily due to a sharing of links.

Relevant Linking from Directories

It is not enough for a website to achieve simple link building. A website must be able to attain appropriate link building. This means that the inbound links of your site should come from quality websites that search engines recognize, and one that is highly related to your website.

Search engines normally rank websites both ways: through outstanding website content and first rate inbound links. This makes linking an even more attractive goal for most websites. When highly credible websites link to your site, this means that your website must have top quality content. These inbound links are typically what search engines look for in their ranking trends and algorithms.

A poor link will be frowned upon by discriminating search engines. Since web directories normally divide websites into categories, there is always a better prospect for quality link building.

Submissions of websites to directories are typically done for search engine marketing purposes. There are hundreds of directories available online, and it is smart to choose the established and highly reliable ones. Any website will stand to benefit from this highly effective and reasonably priced SEO technique. The benefits of manual directory submissions will allow any website to weather the next competition within a cutthroat online industry.


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7 Simple Ways to Get Repeated Traffic and

Repeat website traffic is very important for any online business whether it’s monetized blog, e-commerce website or anything else that generates income for you. Sometimes generating an initial traffic becomes much easier than maintaining that tempo of the traffic and keep them bringing back to the website next time.

These are 7 ways I could figure out that helps to bring repeat traffic to your website or blog.

These are my favorite 7 methods to bring repeat traffic:

1. Be regular in your posts and make it look like that you follow some schedule. That automatically alarms the visitors that liked your article last time, about the time for post. Creating such schedule will not only help you grow your blog but also shows your visitors how keen you are on updating your blog

2. Make it simple for a visitor to become a regular reader by adding a link to your primary page with a “Book Mark” or “Add this site to your Favorites” script. Most of the readers keep on pulling the websites from their favorite folders. I can certainly gauge the world from my experiences here.

3. “Recommend this post or blog to a Friend” really works to attract more customers and make them repeat customers eventually. This link not only sends mail to the new users but most of the times has option to send a copy to the send himself. If I refer some article to my friend, I make sure that I keep on checking the blog for newer article to refer or just see what’s updated at my favorite blog that I referred articles from.

4. Your blog or website will make a mark on someone’s mind if it’s properly branded. When the reader think about your blog, they should be able to imagine some photo, figure, colour or logo. This will create a presence and feel for your customers and visitors that they are at your site. If you have your website’s or blog’s favicon developed using your logo, that would be great. If you check my website, it has a favicon of Colourful A B C D that says “Learn A B C D of making money online” here :).

5. Sending unsolicited emails to your mail subscribers if the list is maintained separately! This should be the least expected thing from your for your readers. Give them options to opt out from mailing list for every mail you send to them. Be sure you honor their request and take them off the mailing list. Your readers will certainly not come back if you continue to flood their email box with mails they never wanted in their inbox.

6. Optimize the blog post pages for search engines in such a way that, the product or subject you were talking about in the blog post, if searched your blog post should be appearing in first two pages of search engine. I use this tact many times for the site bookmarks I misplaced and just remember few keywords related to that website.

7. Be excellent in the spelling and grammar used in your blog post! We had talked about this in details in past and most of the readers have found that blog post really useful that many of them started using the tools suggested by me. Use any spell check tool as mentioned in my previous post, but make sure that your post is completely spelling mistake free.

It would be exciting to know your ways to get repeat traffic.

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SEO Ethics

Well, everyone has their theory. Mine is simple. The internet and SE’s attempt to behave as honestly as a human based network. As with brick and mortar companies there will always be gimmicks, tricks etc and in many cases will cause sites to flourish and grow while the methods used to gain tha attention might be considered below board.

Its an interesting topc as expecting the internet to only be comprised of sites that just got word of mouth exposure is ridiculous. BUsinesses pay advertising companies to simply advertise their business and become well known. Whether that is due to an extraordinary product or concept that just takes off or an incredibly huge marketing budget each should have their own place. If you dont have any money, have a good idea. If you have the money then you can basically ‘pay’ your way there with links and more links.

The problem should be when the sites dont actually offer anything to its visitor but yet they generte tons of traffic only to seriuosly dissapoint its customers.

Hey, just dont give up, keep reaching out to sites to link to you and keep good content.

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SMX East

The conference in NYC has been good. Much to digest but mainly coming away with an overall thought process that is more in line with what the SE’s are thinking and where they are headed.

As I had placed in a previous post its really like the web world is coming full circle and trying to get back to the roots of how humanity interacts. Its a tough job to do with the power of technology and how easily things can manipulate. But give it time and it will sort out most of the scamming and continue to reward the honest.

Word of Mouth = Inbound Link basically and depending on whos mouth its coming out of determines how powerful that WOM is.

The challenging part is here, by illustration:

Bill Gates – WOM = Link -> Your Site = :-)

Osama Bin Laden – WOM = Link -> Your Site= Still :-)

The SE’s want to filter out the Bin Laden links no matter how important they are as they are not related to my topic. Of course its tempting to want that link but its not real. I mean, think about it would you want Bill Gates recommending a buddy of his to your site for some service for babysitting or would you want Bin Laden endorsing you personally? Exactly.

So, lets all work towards that goal and treat websites = a person.
Another allegory on getting links or blog spam:

Would you go to a place of business that had a sign in its front area and pencil in your business name right below theirs even if you bought something from their store? I think that is what we feel like we can do when we post on their site.

Now, option 2 is to walk into the store owner and ask them if you can put a flier up on his front door as your services would tend to help his customers.. ahah, ,right approach, very hard.. but the SE’s are looking for that kind of connection.

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Seo Tricks vs Tips

So, you want a trick. Lets define trick:

First one here: a cunning or deceitful action or device; “he played a trick on me”; “he pulled a fast one and got away with it”

So, a cunning or deceitful action or device. Well that sure does not sound good now does it. But yet that is what comes to mind many times. It reminds me of the junior highschool days when I probably spent more time thinking about a work around then just studying. Why was the workaround so more appealing? I really did end up burning some time coming up with different schemes. Like the time I wrote the answers down on a small piece of paper and put it in a small curve, taped it to my gut and then un-buttoned the top button of my school uniform shirt. Worked a few times. I then got brave and just used the same ‘cupping’ method in the top pocket. Got busted . Honor Council.

I was an idiot. I learned nothing.

Well its the same here. In the time you spend reading up on a trick you can just as easily get a tip

So here is a tip: tip off: give insider information or advise to; “He tipped off the police about the terrorist plot”

So, we want a tip regardin SEO, or how can we implement something that will actually WORK and bring more visitors to our site that will in turn, produce the results we are looking for.

So, why the fuss over the use of a word? Big reason. If you stay down the trick path it has a dead end. Stick with searching for tips and you’ll find your path continues to lead to greener pastures. Yep, the trick road has some cool signs on the way that eventually end up in more dead end roads or worse off, accidents with large 18 wheelers (Penalties).

Want a tip for today? Spend most of tomorrow imagining yourself the head of the Web Spam team at Google and what kinds of things you’d try and do to prevent people from manipulating your search index so you could keep your job. Write down the top 5 or 10 things you’d do. Now, after you are done see how shocked you are to find out that you are violating most of the rules you wold implement.

Then, come up with 10 things you’d suggest people to do to improve their rankings naturally and that would still help you keep your job. Now just do those things.

Bottom line is the search engines are trying to get better and better at acting like a human and to detect moral behavior on the internet. To them its all about morals when it comes to their index and they wrote this moral index by the way. They can do that you know, they own the index.

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Long tail vs short tail – an interesting comparison

So you’ve heard of it. Long Tail. You know what it is.. maybe?

Here it is in simple terms:

Short Tail – A short 3 word or less keyword phrase

Example: used auto parts

Long Tail – A keyword phrase over 3 words

Example: where can I find a used alternator for my Pontiac Grand Prix

Ok, so you get the picture. Now what is there to discuss?

I could compare the short tail to the Long tail approach like a 17 year old single guy needing to decide between a brand new car or buying 3 cars for the same price that are 4 years old. That new car has its advantages of course. Its the latest and greatest thing if you want bragging rights. Uh oh but here comes the dude with 4 (FOUR) cars. I mean he has 4 freakin cars thats pretty cool too. A different one for every night of the 4 day weekend, while Mr cool shows up in the same one night after night.

Well you can see the comparison. Both have their advantages and both their disadvantages.

Down to some facts you need to look at though.

1) Short Tail can be tough to compete with if there is a bunch of competitiion. Normally in these highly competitive markets the long tail can be the way to go.

2) Traffic/Research is absolutely necessary. Use something like semrush to find out what kind of traffic different keywords or sites generate. Dont just foolishly start stuffing title tags and keywords/content into your site without really studying the keywords…simple things like singular and plural make a big difference.

3) Get some good content on the site. If you’ve got 3 sentences on a page and your competitor has 10 sentences with more words describing the service or product and you both have similar page authority.. guess whose getting the long tail? Yep, your friendly competitor.
So, add content and build links and you’ll be shocked to see the kinds of content that come to the site after amonth or two.

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Converting a big site to new friendly url structure

Well if you have ever taken on an SEO project that involves converting a large (meaning many many thousands of pages) site to a new architecture you know how difficult this can be. The temptation is to just not do it and try to work with the existing pages. Also, the issue of mapping the old URLs with valid 301 redirects is challenging as well.

Here are some steps when taking on this task.

1) First make sure to get a good crawl of the existing site. This will tell you whats out there. I recently had to do this with a site that had cleverly programmed over 1.5 million pages. Of course google only had around 1,000 of them in their index but they were still ‘accessible’ and this had to be changed as these were doorways into the old site architecture. If these were to be left open this could create issues for duplicate content.

2) Once you have the URL’s you’ll need to determine the unique ID’s that are used to drive the existing architecture. You’ll need to know these so you can either use them for your re-writes or in my most recent case it was a conversion from ASP to PHP which meant I could not use ANY of the existing logic since it was all using recordsets etc etc. So, I had to create an export based on the crawl that kept the product and category ID’s intact and used those to import into the new database that would drive the site.

3) Once you have the tables you can then either desing the new database from this or , as I did, programmatically create rewrites in the .htaccess that will handle all of these pages. Be sure to check for long URL’s with multiple queries parameters and be sure to forward all of these to either their corresponding pages or the parent ID’s of these pages.

4) When testing on the new site you can use the so that the rewrites will work while testing.

5) Run a new crawl on the new site and verify all things work

5) Check your redirects in something like Redirect Checker so you can be sure you get 301’s instead of 404 or 302’s. The 301 is the accepted method of redirecting. It also allows the PR from those old pages to pass on to the new pages.

The overall process can be pretty involved but be sure to take it one step at a time and stay organized so you dont end up losing the old pages.

The final tip is that once you do the change dont freak out when the traffic drops for the site as the new pages will take some time to get all figured out. When anything ‘in mass’ takes place on a site the SE’s sometimes take a bit. Once they re-crawl all the new pages and figure out what is going on they will start giving clearer rankings.

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Dont underestimate your latest trick

SO, you have an idea on how to make your SEO experience better, right? Well you think, of course this has already been done so you begin your search, finding product or script that does it and you try and your not happy. So you try again and still not happy, so you give up and figure back to doing things manually or just forget doing it at all.
Well, faced this just recently with a process that I was having done in regards to research. I tried some products and they did a variation of what I wanted but not exactly what I wanted. So, I broke out the old Visual Foxpro (yes, believe it or not) and started to code out just a small portion of what was not working in the other software. To my surprise I was able to ‘resolve’ what several other pieces of software had not and they were making a load of money on theirs!! Well, I’m not trying to solve the worlds issues quite yet but this really helped me out.

So, the conclusion is dont think your idea has already been perfected. In this case you might not be a programmer but you can explain what you need to someone and have them do it for you. Try Odesk or Rentacoder and get you a good team and have ‘em code it out to your specs. You might find down the road you have a product that Many people might want and will even pay for it. Make it work for yourself and if you are completely satisfied chances are you’ll make others happy.

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Article Directory Submissions, do they work?

So, you’ve heard about em, wondered, tried them not sure. Article Directory Submissions. So what is it and how does it work and does it work

1) What is it

Its the process of writing useful content and submitting that content to other websites called article directories. These websites have content or ‘articles’ from many many other submitters. Some are crappy and let just about anything go and others are human edited. Some allow links, others do not. Some get indexed some do not.

2) So, how does it work. #1 See if the site has PR. Is it indexed? Do they allow any links to your site? Are they nofollowed?

3) Lets say you have good answers to these. So you write an article and post it to it. If its a good site it will get indexed quickly and you’ll get a link vote. How much value depends on the integrity of the article site.

Should you use them? Yes and No

Yes if its a fairly new site or a weak backlink strucutre. They are links and every link counts from good sites. How much it counts depends on the competitive nature of your industry.

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SEO and Conversion – The Perfect Marriage

SEO and Conversion

Its like marriage. Really.

Having been married now coming up on 10 years with 4 children under 9 let me relate the two as I would my marriage, or any marriage for that matter.

Lets just say SEO is the Man (of course, always trying to figure out a problem regardless of the outcome) and Conversion is the woman. (You know the one concerned about the bottom line – money)

So, SEO meets conversion. Each is equally convinced that their own agenda is the most important and ‘essential’ to the success of the ‘marriage’.

Mr. SEO says: “If I dont get your traffic you wont have anything to convert”

Mrs Conversion says “If all you do is focus on getting visitors to your crappy website they’ll just leave the site and do NOTHING!”

So, what gives?

Of course.. we know the truth.. any successful marriage only works when both sides ‘give’ and respect the others point of view and actually if you want to take it to the next level, you actually begin to thrive in the others agenda and thats where the magic starts.. you know, after dark normally.

So, again how does this work. I think you see the picture.

I really like SEO. In fact, I like it too much. It blinds me to the bigger purpose and that is to produce something that will last and that has a profit – whether its monetary or simply in reaching the goal for the site other than reaching my XXX,XXX,XXX th visitor.

It really pains me to start playing around with my site(s) and moving things around, getting my designer to change an image. It really really does even after I’ve done it and proved that it made more money I’ll find myself obsessing again over my stats simply looking a the little bar graphs and wondering why it went down at a 7 degree angle for the DAY. I mean, its ridiculous.

The art of conversion is crucial. I mean, think about it. Lets say you have a little new site thats getting 200 unique visitors a day and you can’t wait to get to 300 a day. Why wouldn’t I take the time to figure out how to serve those 200 customers before I get to 300? I’m not sure, but I know I do it over and over.

Take it from me. STOP and listen to your wife. She’s right – most of the time.

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