Bina48: First human like robot that can chat

We are seeing more robots with each day and it’s really a surprise what they can do. Some of them are playing instruments, some of them are practical and some are just looking like us. Now for the first time we have a robot that will actually talk directly with us.

This robot is called Bina48 and it’s another human-like robot. It can make all sorts of human facial expressions because it is using 30 motors for that purpose but we have seen all of that before. Most interesting thing about this robot is that it has certain amount of artificial intelligence so it can actually chat with you. Although conversation with Bina48 won’t be the same like with a real human being it’s still a huge step forward when it comes to robotics. Chatting with Bina48 is similar to chatting with a online chatbot but in person since this robot is designed to look and act like one of its owners Bina Rothblatt. Interesting thing about this robot is that it’s actually just a robotic head with no body so conversation with it can be sometimes awkward because of it. In order to communicate with Bina48 you cannot simply talk to her face to face, instead you’ll have to use a specific microphone.

Although conversation with this robot might not be always natural since Bina won’t understand you and respond as it should in all cases it still a progress when it comes to robotics and artificial intelligence. Overall, Bina48 is an interesting robot and we’re hoping to see more robots like this in future.

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