Geminoid F: Humanoid robot that laughs and smiles

Another humanoid robot comes from Japan, and this time it can smile and it can laugh. Developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro it looks exactly like average 20 year old girl and because it can mimic human facial expressions it’s quite hard to make a difference between real person and the android.

This new android is called Geminoid-F, and it’s out after four years since Geminoid HI-1 appeared. Previous model, Geminoid HI-1 was focused on kids, but new Geminoid is focused on grown-ups. Unlike previous model that was a copy of Mr. Ishiguro this one looks more attractive and it’s also remotely controlled, like the previous model. Great thing about this model is that she can mimic all sorts of facial expressions, such as laughter, grin, disgust, worry. It was really amazing while looking what this android can .The price of this android is estimated around ¥10,000,000 ($105,780), and it will be used in hospitals and museums.

During the tests of this new android people that tested it, sat in front of camera making all sorts of facial gestures and the android followed. When people smiled, android smiled with them, bowed or even laughed. Some people said that it was like they were having a twin sister.

When it comes to robotics we don’t know what we’ll see from Hiroshi Ishiguro in the future but we know that Geminoid-F was a huge step towards it. Will androids that mimic human expressions replace humans, remains to be seen in future.
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