Intel working on a smart remote?

With the development of technology we are going to see more smart devices in the future. There will be devices that will be able to recognise us when we use them and adjust themselves to our user profiles automatically. Speaking of smart devices, famous processor manufacturer Intel seems to be working on a new smart remote.

We never thought that we’ll see a day when Intel makes a remote controller, but luckily this is so much more than a remote. This device has a lot more to offer and unlike standard remotes on the market, this remote will make user profiles of all the people that use it. Therefore, in order to get your profile on this remote you just have to switch through channels and that’s it. This smart remote has built in motion sensors that will analyze the way you hold it at every 100 nanoseconds and create your profile that way. Now we have to ask ourselves how useful can be a remote that knows who is using it. If the remote has your profile it could play your favorite show at the specific time or limit access to the certain channels. On the other hand if the remote has your user profile it could be possible that you’ll get specific adds according to your favorite channels, shows and habits.

Anyway, smart remote sounds interesting but we doubt that we’ll see it anytime soon. It’s an interesting idea that can change the television as we know it, if it works well.

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