iPhone 4 Fans Face Abuse on Worldwide Release

While it has been available in some places for a while now, the iPhone 4 was officially released in 17 countries on the 30th of July. To the surprise of many people, the well publicised antennae problems did not deter lots of people from lining up in the middle of the night to buy one.

One of the major centres for the July 30 release was Australia, where Apple fans crowded the streets in an attempt to be among the first of the new owners. While the iPhone geeks were waiting patiently in line, there was a notable undercurrent of anger among some of the onlookers.

A number of reports were published detailing exactly what people were saying as they walked or drove by, and some of it is frankly unpublishable. Cries such as “get a life” and “it’s only a phone” were heard regularly among much more aggressive one-liners. One particularly funny moment occurred when a person in a car drove past yelling out “baaaaa” like a sheep.

While this resentment is either funny or annoying, depending on which side of the fence you sit, it is interesting to think why so many people are frustrated and angry at what is basically a line of geeks waiting for their new toy. I think it may come down to the fact that even when there is a major known problem with this new Apple product, the fans don’t even seem to care.

This level of consumer acceptance and denial about the faults of the iPhone 4 seems hard for some people to take, after all, shouldn’t Apple have to suffer for their seemingly bad design decisions. Releases in other countries seemed to go by without so much shouting, with Canada being one other major centre that now also has access to the iPhone 4.

While not all existing iPhone owners are ready to snap up the new model, and lots of people seem to be already waiting for the next release, it seems more than a few people are a little confused regarding the seemingly small commercial implications of what it a pretty major design flaw.

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