Latest Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 2 has ‘app tabs’

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on the market and each company behind its browser tries to bring some new improvements to its users. Although we’re waiting for Internet Explorer 9 with anticipation that doesn’t mean that other companies are standing still with development of its browsers. Therefore Mozilla has recently released Beta 2 of its popular web browser Firefox.

As you know, Firefox is the second most used web browser in the world, right after Internet Explorer and in order to keep that position Firefox must bring all sorts of improvements to its users. Therefore we’ve got Firefox 4 Beta 2 that has some interesting features to offer.

New Beta introduces us to an App Tab feature that allows us to minimize our tabs and save them for later use. This is extremely helpful if you have many opened tabs or if you simply want to keep your most visited sites available at all times. App Tabs feature resembles to Google Chrome’s Pin Tabs feature that shrinks your tab and sends it to the far left. In Firefox 4 Beta 2 you just have to right click your tab and choose “Make into an App Tab” and you’ll create App Tabs with a single click. Besides App Tabs Firefox Beta 2 has improved startup time and it supports CSS 3 transition effects.

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