Latest Samsung camera ST80 boasts WiFi and plenty photosharing features

We haven’t seen any interesting digital cameras recently but luckily this new camera from Samsung should change that. Samsung has just introduced their latest model so let’s check out what this camera has to offer.

Latest model from Samsung is called ST80 and it comes with 14.2 megapixels. We have already seen Wi-Fi digital cameras from Samsung before so ST80 is no surprise. Samsung wanted their users to quickly and easily share their pictures with their friends even if they’re on the move and in order to provide that ST80 comes with Wi-Fi and Samsung’s AllShare (DNLA) connectivity.

With Wi-Fi and DNLA support you can easily email your pictures and videos or you can upload them directly to popular network sites such as Facebook, Picasa, YouTube and Photo Bucket without your PC. Besides 14.2 megapixel optical sensor this camera comes with 3x optical zoom and with 3.0-inch touchscreen on the back. As for other features this camera comes with Smart Crop feature that will allow you to crop your images without transferring them on your PC or without any other application. Another interesting feature of ST80 is Samsung’s Smart Auto (Still & Movie) technology. Using this technology camera automatically adjusts your settings according to your environment. As for the recording, this camera can record 720p HD video at 30 fps in H.264 format.

If you want to share your pictures with your friends at all times ST80 from Samsung will be perfect solution for you. As for the price and availability we’re expecting to see this camera in September with a pricetag of $249.99.

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