Telescopic eye implant from VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies

Technology and medicine have a tight bond and with the development of technology we’re seeing all sorts of different medical improvements. As technology develops we’re seeing medical implants that can improve our health but we were never hoping to see something like this.

Many people are suffering from partial or full loss of vision nowadays. While vision can be corrected with glasses in mild cases, sometimes surgery is required in order to restore the sight of the patients that are suffering from severe loss of vision. In order to avoid dangerous surgeries researches from VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies have developed certain implant that might help people with severe vision loss. Interesting thing is that this device has existed for over a year but FDA has approved it few days ago. This little device is an eye implant and although it looks rather small it’s actually a powerful telescope. I don’t know if you would like to have a telescope inside your eye, but this device is rather effective. According to the manufactures, this implant is intended for patients that are more than 75 years old and that are suffering from the end-stage macular degeneration. Although this device isn’t entirely safe it was able to help people that have damaged vision.

According to the recent survey, 75 percent of 200 people have reported that this implant was able to help them with their sight. We’re waiting for more surveys and results soon enough. As for this eye implant, it cost $15000.

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