Army Pictures

Abrams Tank Pictures

Picture of Abrams Tank struggling over sand dunes.
Brigade of Abrams Tanks seen barreling through the desert in this photo. Looks like a scene from the perfect man movie!
Abrams Tank seen rotating head in this image.

HMMWV Hummer Pictures

Awesome looking modified Hummer with snow tract trends.
Hummer seen roaming the hills in this image.
Picture of Hummer with mounted rockets.

AH-64 Apache Longbow Helicopter Pictures

Trio of Apache Longbow Helicopter seen hovering together in this photo.
Apache Longbow Helicopter firing rocket in this picture.
Up close and personal view of the Apache Longbow Helicopter seen in this image.

UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter

5 Blackhawk Helicopters seen flying together in this image.
Picture of Blackhawk Helicopter seen in flight.
Blackhawk Helicopter seen here in this photo.

The T1 Project Heavy Tank Pictures

In 1940, the War Department decided that a heavy tank was again needed for the United States and thus began the T1 Project. The blueprint called for a heavy tank with no less than four turrets in a true land battleship design. Two of them would have carried a 75mm gun a third with a 37mm, a fourth with a 20mm and this does not include multiple machine guns! Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the tank looked much different by the time it was off the drawing boards.

Side photo of The T1 Project heavy tank.
Picture of The T1 Project seen here.
Great Heavy Tank here, The T1 Project.

British Mark 4 Heavy Tank Pictures

There is evidence of Americans training in England and using the British Mark 4 tank in combat in France, but, it appears that photographic evidence of Americans actually using them are scarce. The vehicle shown above is one that was sent to the United States for testing and is shown here at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The female in the picture above was given to Caterpillar after WW1 as a gift. Caterpillar displayed it in parades until WW2 when it was given for scrap in a war effort drive for scrap metal.

Photo of the British Mark 4.
British Mark 4 heavy tank seen in action in this picture.
Image of the British Mark 4 heavy tank featured here.

The Medium A Tank M1921 Pictures

Built by the U.S. Government at the Rock Island Arsenal and similar to current British designs, this unit arrived at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in February 1922. The tank was equipped with the British cable and suspension track design. The track shoes were made of stamped steel with wooden inserts and were free to pivot. The object, besides simplicity and lighter weight was to find a way to keep the tracks from being clogged with mud.

The Medium A Tank M1921 pictured here, being loaded on board.
The Medium A Tank M1921 side view seen in this picture.
Image The Medium A Tank M1921 seen here.

The Christie M1919 Medium Tank Pictures

J. Walter Christie turned his considerable skills in engineering toward military tracked vehicles and came up with the M1919. Both turrets on the M1919 could turn 360 degrees. Tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, it turned into a disappointment for Christie and he asked testing to be halted. Christie returned again with the M1921, though rejected, it was a bit of an improvement. Both tanks could run on either track or wheel and was a true engineering marvels for their time.

Picture of The Christie M1919 Medium Tank seen here.
Image of The Christie M1919 upended in ditch.
The Christie M1919 Medium Tank seen on the battle field.

Renault FT17 Light Tank Pictures

Renault FT17 Light Tank seen in action.
Renault FT17 seen in this picture.
Image of the Renault FT17 Light Tank seen here.

1916 The Hamilton a.k.a. VictoriaTank

In the period before U.S. entry in WW1. Several companies guessed at the future needs of the U.S. Army and the possibility of a U.S. entry into the European conflict. This tank was built by the Oakland Motor Company (the modern Pontiac) to British specifications in 1916. It used the same narrow tracks as the Ford 3 ton. It was not accepted.

The Hamilton a.k.a. Victoria
The Hamilton a.k.a. Victoria side view in this photo.
Picture of The Hamilton a.k.a. Victoria.

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