Be The Bike! From the Patently Absurd Inventions Archive

Be The Bike!
US Patent
Issued In 2004

In the race to satisfy adrenaline junkies need for speed and for something new and dangerous, we present you with an extraordinary new form of downhill racing, where the rider becomes one with his steed, where the biker actually becomes the bike!

There are no motors so gravity is your go juice and to activate the rear brakes you need to squeeze your knees together like a mobile ThighMaster. Your legs are strapped to the rear gear so there’s no bailing out but there is a fender to fend off fanny friction should you sit too low. We recommend wearing as much padding and body armor as possible because there’s no way to catch yourself if you start to fall but hey, before you get going too fast, we bet you could pop a few wacky wheelies!

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