E3: Xbox 360 Conference round-up

The Xbox 360

press conferenced at this year’s E3 expo just finished, and there’s plenty of goodies to cover! New games, new Kinect information, and a new Xbox 360. And it’s all exclusive.

The games

  • Metal Gear Solid: Rising is you and a godmode sword that cuts through anything at any angle, into any form. There is no limit to the possibilities. And how the physics engine will handle all the ragdoll pieces as it did in the video, I’m not sure.
  • Kingdoms is the codename for Crytek’s project for the console. Live action combat within the swords, shields, and sandals realm. I’m talking about Rome, Greece, all that fun stuff. The video was really vague. I’m guessing a 2012 release…
  • Fable III is on it’s way, and “it’s a revolution”. Some king guy, who gets the crown, and has all the power, and you have to stop him…I never played the firsts one, so I feel like I’m missing some key information here.
  • Gears of War 3 is looking just as good as the older ones. But why not release it? Just more campaign for us to play through. They had a live stage demo, co-op, going on. It looks just like the ones before. It’s more of the old, more of the good.
  • Halo Reach had some campaign shown to us finally, and it’s looking good, in good Halo fashion. Visually pleasing, gameplay also looks nice, and I’m pretty sure there was a new RPG-style weapon…Halo is another game I never really played.

The Kinect

  • Media is of upmost importance with the Kinect. It seems anything that’ll get your media on the TV and your hand away from a remote is a plus in the market. And Kinect definitely has you covered. Full system interaction is there, with voice commands, as well as hand control. You can go to various points in a movie, or play music from a certain artist. Would I call it the best control method? No, I’m still a huge Apple fanboy and love the way they give you touch-screen control, but what Microsoft had presented to us doesn’t seem horribly overblown (think Star Trek, talking to the Enterprise and all that). It seems, to some extent, fluid.
  • More services are coming to the Xbox as well. Chat with your XBL buddies, or your MSN Messenger friends over video. Share videos, news articles, music. And the creepiest part: Kinect follows you wherever you move in the room. It’s got a rotating base, so if you move around, it follows you. Which is nice, but also makes the 360 feel like Big Brother. Chills down my spine…Anyway, they’re also gonna give you ESPN. Covers basketball, baseball, soccer…Pretty limited right now, but also has nice interaction, such as asking your 360 to show a replay of the last play. That’s pretty nifty. They also have polls and trivia questions, for the real intense sports junkies, all while watching the game, no interruption.
  • Gaming with Kinect is growing, and we’ve got some good examples, such as (be disappointed) a Wii Sports clone, a Wii Fit clone, a Nintendogs clone, a Mario Kart clone…Need I say more? The only two things that were remotely interesting were Harmonix’s dancing game, which could turn out good, and a Star Wars game involving wielding a light saber, playing almost exactly like a rail shooter. Oh, and there was Forza 3 with steering wheel controls, as well as looking around yourself in the car by turning your head.
  • Kinect’s launch date was also announced: November 4, and there will be 15 launch titles with it.

The New Xbox

  • Slimmer design. I guess companies love making miniaturized versions of giant game consoles or something!
  • Built-in hard drive with 250GB of space. That should take care of all your needs.
  • WiFi is built in! Something that was really lacking with the Xbox launch, now here.
  • Same price? Yeah, still $299 for the shiny new Xbox


  • Shipping today to stores across North America. Go out and buy it this week if you’d like!
  • E3 attendeed to the Xbox 360 conference got one for free. Microsoft’s gift, from them to you!

Now, if you don’t wanna miss the upcoming E3 conferences, you can watch them all on G4 (Spike solely got the rights to the Xbox one, but G4 has all the others). Nintendo does their conference tomorrow at 9AM PST, and Sony follows at noon the same day.

For more info visit E3′s official website

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