How to: Fix the Red Ring of Death on Xbox 360

It was only recently that I have started to get into gaming. However, just an hour ago I got the dreaded ‘Red Ring of Death’. The XBOX itself has not been fully reliable as when I first got it a year or two ago, I had the ‘Red Ring of Death’ as well and sent it to Microsoft to get it fixed. They fixed it to free and all was well until now.

As the XBOX 360′s warrenty is past, I did not want to send it away again and wanted to find a potential home remidy to fix the red ring of death. I search the internet and found now and now my XBOX is fully working again. Here is how I did it.

I may seem random but this method involves using towels. The towels are used to insulate so the XBOX ‘cooks’ itself (not literally). I do not know how but having the device heating itself fixed the problem.

How to do it is simple. You need to get a bunch of towels and start of by laying down a towl on the ground and placing the XBOX 360 on top of it. Then wrap the towel around the XBOX and place additional towels around it making sure all the vents on the XBOX and covered.

Then, turn on your XBOX through the towels and leave it to run for 10-15 minutes (I did 15). After that, turn it off again and take it out of the towels. Let the XBOX cool down for another 10-15 minutes and then turn it on and it will work perfectly.

Trust me this method did work dispite it sounding a bit strange. It may not work for everyone but it has had a high success rate along with it working for me. And plus, there’s no harm in trying.

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