VeriSign Launch Phish or No Phish Game

phishnophishVeriSign have launched a new game called ‘Phish or No Phish’. It is a game which allows you to test your skills at figuring out whether a site is a phishing scam or not. This game will hopefully bring more Internet users to the attention of phishing scams and try to lower the amount of people who fall victim to such scams.

Phish or No Phish is a game where a user is asked to look at two Web sites and determine which one is supposed to be a real site, and which one is designed to be a phishing site. The user is taken through 5 different phishing scenarios and are then educated about Extended Validation SSL Certificates and how the green address bar EV provides can help them spot a real site. The user then goes through the 5 scenarios again with the green bar present on what is designed to be the real site.

This game is actually very well made and consists of 10 different questions with two images, one of a phising scam site and one of a normal site. It then asks you to choose which one is the phishing scam: (click to make image bigger)

phishnophish2After you have made your choice, you click ‘this one’ and whether you get it correct or wrong it explains how to tell which one is the Phishing scam: (click to make image bigger)

Want to give it a try? Visit and take the test.

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