What to expect at the Sept. 9th event?

Rock and Roll event logo

Apple announced their “Rock and Roll” event a while back. Building up to the announcement was speculation on new devices and new software. Following the buzz closely, I’ve summarized what I think we can expect at the new event.

New iPod touch with camera

iPod touch 3G w/ camera

Ever since the leaked images of iPod touch cases with camera holes on them it’s become the center of attention, and the most likely device to appear at the event. Leaked images, case designs, and videos have made this rumor come to life, and it’s not illogical. Out on the market today are video recording devices used by the mass, in particular the Flip. The Flip has a huge market thanks to it’s simplicity to use. Press a button, record the world around you. Plug it in and edit. With the iPod touch having WiFi, a feature not on the Flip, sharing video as you record it could be absolutely seamless and not require a computer, something that the touch can already do with snapshots. Similar case designs have been leaked for the iPod nano, and some speculate all the iPods will be getting a camera. If anything, there should be one on the iPod touch 3G.

With the new iPod touch 3G and it’s camera will have to come new hardware. Apple has mimicked the iPhone hardware for the most part when releasing a new iPod touch generation. Why should it be any different with the 3G? All the features of the iPhone 3GS, hardware wise, will most likely be in the iPod touch 3G: speed boosts thanks to a better processor and more RAM, the same cameras…What about the microphone? The case designs show us a microphone that sits next to the camera lens. Sorry hopeful VoIP customers, maybe next time.

iTunes 9

This is a music event, so why not release a new version of iTunes with a new iPod lineup? Apple has announced a new format called “Cocktail”. The idea is to include jewelcase booklets along with your music in an attempt to bring back the old days of records and CDs, where people would sit around playing a record and looking at the booklet included with the CD. An attempt at making music “social”.

More important than this, however, is speculation that the Music Store will finally have The Beatles music available for purchase! Apple Corps is rereleasing the entire Beatles catalogue on September 9th, 2009, the same day that The Beatles Rock Band and the Apple event are being held. Could this mean that the Music Store will have The Beatles? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Apple Tablet

Rumor of the infamous Apple Tablet have been circulating for years now. I’m gonna keep this one short: not gonna happen. An Apple Tablet at a music event? I don’t think so. If ever the Apple Tablet will be released, it’s not now.

Well, that about sums it all up. More filler news to put you at ease about the event. We’re all excited to see what Apple reveals on September 9th. Maybe Steve Jobs will be there to announce what’s next!

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