50 Most Confusing Things In The World – According To Brits

confusedThe attraction of Russell Brand, the laws of cricket and algebra are among the most confusing subjects encountered in modern life, a survey suggests.

Researchers polled 4,979 people between the ages of 16 and 65 and below are the (rather amusing) results.

1. Foreign call centres

2. Algebra

3. What women see in Russell Brand

4. Why Cheryl Cole is still with Ashley

5. Credit card interest rates

6. Buying a house

7. Politics

8. The laws of cricket

9. Insurance policies

10. Loan interest rates

11. Football’s offside rule

12. Religion

13. Converting currency

14. Languages

15. Filling out insurance forms

16. Setting up wireless networks

17. Men

18. Stephen Hawking’s theories

19. Figuring out nutritional information on food labels

20. Kerry Katona

21. All the different lottery draws

22. Fixing printers

23. Predictive text

24. Poker

25. Twitter

26. Small print

27. Automated phone systems

28. Why and how Stonehenge was built

29. Women

30. Donnie Darko

31. Filling out passport forms

32. Reverse parallel parking

33. Clocks going back / forward

34. Packaging on kids toys

35. Crop Circles

36. Computers

37. Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction

38. Train fares

39. Fruit machines

40. People who crack their knuckles

41. Reading a map

42. Re-tuning the TV

43. The M25

44. Train timetables

45. Setting an alarm on a cooker/oven

46. In the Night Garden

47. Reading a train timetable

48. Magic Roundabout in Swindon

49. The tube

50. Fax machines

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