A little help with search rankings straight from the Bible

Ok, so, yes things evolve, peopel get smarter, people get older, people gain knowledge, computers get faster, bigger screens, bigger faster processers, more websites, better phones, bigger homes, faster cars, cooler everything.. It seems everything evolves.


People never like to be wronged or rejected, People still breathe air, the heart is still required to live, humans still walk on their feet and not their hands.

Excerpt: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=ECC%201

My point? There are some underlying things in the world of SEO that have not changed and will never change. So, stick with them and you’ll be safe. Yes, in order to really, really ‘grow’ you have to experiment and take a risk, but dont ever do this while neglecting the basics. This I have found is a critical mistake people, including myself, make. We get so pumped with the lastest link sculpting method we forget to send a few emails out to potential link partners for a legitimate link or two. Why? Because its boring. But many things in life that may seem boring are critical to life. Example: Brushing your teeth, going to pee, breathing.

Take breathing for example: What if someon told you to do something every day 17,280 times each day, every day for the rest of your life an dit was the same thing over and over? That would suck wouldnt it.

However, if you choose to cut that down just by 10%, you’ll be dead in a day. That would suck too.

So, what are these basics, or ‘tricks’ people might think.

First, stick to a plan. Got an idea for a website? – Do it. Finish it. Make it live with all its features. Grit your teeth and make it happen, no matter what.

This is a genius saying I know but here it goes: “You wont do anything if you dont do anything”

Very simple but how true. How many ‘great’ ideas do you have but never implement any of them.

A friend of mind pointed out recently that 80% of the fuel on the Space Shuttle is simply used to extend beyond orbit and the remaining mission relies on the 20% remaining. That is what its like starting a business, blog or putting an idea into reality. It takes 80% of your efforts just to get it off the ground as compared to then running the business, following systems etc.

So, tip for the day is. Take all the things you have going on in your head. Pick one. Do it until the imagination of it in your head is a reality.

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