Dont underestimate your latest trick

SO, you have an idea on how to make your SEO experience better, right? Well you think, of course this has already been done so you begin your search, finding product or script that does it and you try and your not happy. So you try again and still not happy, so you give up and figure back to doing things manually or just forget doing it at all.
Well, faced this just recently with a process that I was having done in regards to research. I tried some products and they did a variation of what I wanted but not exactly what I wanted. So, I broke out the old Visual Foxpro (yes, believe it or not) and started to code out just a small portion of what was not working in the other software. To my surprise I was able to ‘resolve’ what several other pieces of software had not and they were making a load of money on theirs!! Well, I’m not trying to solve the worlds issues quite yet but this really helped me out.

So, the conclusion is dont think your idea has already been perfected. In this case you might not be a programmer but you can explain what you need to someone and have them do it for you. Try Odesk or Rentacoder and get you a good team and have ‘em code it out to your specs. You might find down the road you have a product that Many people might want and will even pay for it. Make it work for yourself and if you are completely satisfied chances are you’ll make others happy.

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