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Google sandbox filter

What is Google sandbox filter: many expert seo has given their views and statements, some of them say that it exist or some stats that it doesn’t exist. Google has not explicitly mentions about the existence of sand box but it seems to exist. Google sandbox is merely a theory and its true existence has not been found yet.

Google sandbox Theory

Google applies his sandbox filter on the newly created websites. Let understand it why? If you a fresher and going to find a job in the market, you will not be able to get the huge salary or more than expected salary. If you want to get huge money, you have to work hard to be an expert in the industry. When you will get the experience and become an expert, you will be on the top.

Similarity if your website is new Google treats it as fresher. Therefore your website can be sandboxed. When google applies sandbox filter, you will not find your website anywhere in the google ranking.

Google sandbox time period

Google sandbox time period is about 3 to 6 months. But it is not mentioned anywhere, your website can come out of sandbox before the mentioned period or it can take more time.

Why Google sandbox filter is applied?

Google applies its sandbox theory on newly created website to not let them come in high ranking on highly competitive keywords. Because there are many webmaster fighting for their websites to get ranked well in google for a long time, and if your new website comes in ranking on these high competitive keywords before other webmaster’s website, it seems not good. As your website not deserve for it in its initial stage. So, Google sandbox is good for old websites and bad for new websites.

How to get out from Google sandbox?

You should take the advantage and benefit of this google sandbox period. You should do seo and promotion works on your website, so that when google remove its sandbox, your website can come in high ranking. As you build links, apply seo tips and ticks on your website the changes of sandbox will be less. It does not mean that if your website gets the 100 of links in a few times, it will come out of sandbox. So try to build back links slowly and it is also good as per seo friendly guideline. Make directory submission, blog making, on page and off page seo promotion work, content syndication also know as RSS feeds and article submission.

How can you get traffic even in google sandbox filter?

If your website is in google sandbox it does not mean that it will not in ranking in Yahoo, Msn and other search engines. You will get the traffic from these sites and there are other good seo tips and seo tricks to build traffic for your website.

Article submission on good page rank websites link Ezine, Buzzle and Articlealley can build traffic to your site and it depends upon the quality of the articles that how much traffic it can fetch for your site.

Blog making is another good way to built effective traffic on your site as blogs comes in ranking very soon. If you are updating your blog on a regular basis it definitely help to build some traffic to your site.

Submit Rss Feeds to several rss feeds directories. It is another good traffic building seo method. Leave comments to other blogs and websites.

And last point is: wait.


We can say that Google sandbox filter is good and it should be exist. We can also say that Google sandbox filter means “JUSTICE”.

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