Latest seo tips tricks for supplement results

latest seo tips, seo tricks, and seo techniques as per search engine guidelines for supplement results.

If your website has got supplemented you need not to worry about that. There are most powerful seo tips tricks and techniques for website supplement. Here you will find most possible reasons for site supplement and their solutions.

What is website supplement: – Supplement concept and supplement theory only exists in Google search engine. Supplement pages are “ORPHAN” pages. These are the pages which don’t have their parents and relatives. In simple words supplement pages are those pages which have less or no back links from other sites. Google marks its supplemental stamp on those pages which are considered suspicious or less trusted. Apart it there are many other reasons for supplements results.

Website Supplement Reasons and their Solutions

Content duplicity: if you have copier content from some other sites they Google will stamp your site as Supplement Results. Google loves content and it gives more important to fresh content there fore it do not tolerate content stealing or copying from other sites.

Description Tag: Google may supplement your website if more than one pages of your site have same description on each page.

Title Tag: Google give more importance to Title as compare to keywords. Same title exists on more than on page of the same website. Google will mark it supplement results.

Read More Links: You will have seen world “read more….”on main pages. It means that some content part of liked web page you are showing on that page. It means content duplicity as same content is available in two pages. It also may results in supplement results.

Archives: your site may also be supplement due to archives pages. Under stand it by an easy example of blogs. If your blog has got supplemented then write this command “site:your blog url” you will find many archives with same title and description. It results in supplement pages.

Feeds and Atoms: due to feeds and atoms, your blog posts normally stamped supplement. Use the below code in robot.txt and soon you will find your site has been come out of supplement index.
User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /*/feed/$
Disallow: /*/feed/rss/$
Disallow: /*/trackback/$

A site with “www” or without www: Check your site with www and without www prefix. If site is running bot prefix it means your site has tow pages with same name one is with www and another is without www. Google consider it two different-different sites, therefore it results in supplement website and also in leakage of website page rank. Make permanent redirection by using “301 Redirect

Unethical Seo tips and techniques: using unethical seo techniques or black hat seo techniques for website promotion may also put your site in supplemental hell. So use ethical seo tips tricks and techniques for better website promotion.

Nofollow: If you have created new url in place of old for your existing site and you have not use nofollow tag. It means duplicate content page and Google will mark new page as supplement results.

If your website is new then in its initial stage it will not have back links. So Google can supplement your site, but don’t worries as you work hard for your site and do seo work for some time on your site, you will find your site not only out of supplement results but also at good ranking position. Use these latest and new seo tips, seo techniques and seo tricks as per search engine guidelines, you will find your website out of supplemental results.

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