SEO and Conversion – The Perfect Marriage

SEO and Conversion

Its like marriage. Really.

Having been married now coming up on 10 years with 4 children under 9 let me relate the two as I would my marriage, or any marriage for that matter.

Lets just say SEO is the Man (of course, always trying to figure out a problem regardless of the outcome) and Conversion is the woman. (You know the one concerned about the bottom line – money)

So, SEO meets conversion. Each is equally convinced that their own agenda is the most important and ‘essential’ to the success of the ‘marriage’.

Mr. SEO says: “If I dont get your traffic you wont have anything to convert”

Mrs Conversion says “If all you do is focus on getting visitors to your crappy website they’ll just leave the site and do NOTHING!”

So, what gives?

Of course.. we know the truth.. any successful marriage only works when both sides ‘give’ and respect the others point of view and actually if you want to take it to the next level, you actually begin to thrive in the others agenda and thats where the magic starts.. you know, after dark normally.

So, again how does this work. I think you see the picture.

I really like SEO. In fact, I like it too much. It blinds me to the bigger purpose and that is to produce something that will last and that has a profit – whether its monetary or simply in reaching the goal for the site other than reaching my XXX,XXX,XXX th visitor.

It really pains me to start playing around with my site(s) and moving things around, getting my designer to change an image. It really really does even after I’ve done it and proved that it made more money I’ll find myself obsessing again over my stats simply looking a the little bar graphs and wondering why it went down at a 7 degree angle for the DAY. I mean, its ridiculous.

The art of conversion is crucial. I mean, think about it. Lets say you have a little new site thats getting 200 unique visitors a day and you can’t wait to get to 300 a day. Why wouldn’t I take the time to figure out how to serve those 200 customers before I get to 300? I’m not sure, but I know I do it over and over.

Take it from me. STOP and listen to your wife. She’s right – most of the time.

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