Apple iOS 4.1 – security fixes and fun new features

iphone gamecenter 20100901 140x300 Apple iOS 4.1   security fixes and fun new featuresApple have just released iOS 4.1, a firmware upgrade for their iPhone and iPod touch devices

. This upgrade has been designed to fix a number of know security vulnerabilities, while also adding new features, bug fixes, and an improvement in overall performance.

A total of 24 security issues have been addressed with this new release, 19 of which can be used to execute potentially dangerous arbitrary code. However, while these security fixes may have been very necessary, they are also not particularly exciting. Some of the other improvements withiOS 4.1 however, are pretty cool indeed.

One very cool new feature with iOS 4.1 is the ability to rent TV shows directly from your iPhone, rather than the previous model that only allowed TV sales – who watches a TV show more than once anyway?

You also now have the ability to transfer HD videos to YouTube via WiFi, although unfortunately you still can’t do it via 3G.

Taking photos has also been made easier, with the possibility to capture a wider range of light intensity using a new high dynamic range (HDR) setting. This is acheived by automatically combining multiple exposures into a single HDR image, and gives amateur photographers a better chance of coming up with a great image.

OK – here’s one that I really like. You can now turn off spelling correction in the keyboard preferences, which means you can finally invent all those new words that you weren’t allowed to before. It seems that Apple finally agree that surely, after going through eons of evolution, the human race has the right to invent our own language.

There is also a new version of the fun and inventively named social gaming centre called – guess what – Game Centre, and integration with Ping, Apple’s new music centred social tool.

The part of this update that I don’t like is the rumour of new encryption technology designed to check for jailbreaking. Maybe I am being naive, but I like to think that once you purchase something with your own money you should be able to do what ever you like with it.

There is also a noticeable lack of any solution to the Antenna problem, although many people seem to think this is a hardware flaw and has no easy firmware fix.

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    Great New

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