Buckyballs – Google Doodle and Amazing Desk Toy

Google Doodle of a buckyb 006 300x180 Buckyballs   Google Doodle and Amazing Desk ToyGoogle have remembered the 25th anniversary of the ‘Buckyball’ with an interactive doodle on their homepage today. While conducting research into Buckyballs and their inventor – renowned architectural modeller Buckminster Fuller, I discovered one of the coolest desktop toys I have ever seen in my life.

Despite being such a cool theoretical and practical concept, lots of people are unaware of exactly what a Buckyball is. Buckyballs belong to a class of molecules known as “Buckminsterfullerene”, which is also known as simply fullerene. These molecules are made entirely of carbon and come in the form of either a hollow sphere, an ellipsoid, or a tube.

The term buckyball is used to describe the spherical versions of these molecules, and they have a number of very interesting chemical, electronic, and technological applications. Buckyballs have been used in a number of nanotechnology studies, and have greatly expanded the number of known carbon allotropes known to man. And – as if that wasn’t enough – they are also the inspiration behind a cool and very additctive new desktop toy.

Zoomdoggle have released their very own Buckyballs, a highly addictive toy made from a set of 216 powerful rare Earth magnets. What makes this toy so cool is that these magnets can be shaped and arranged in unlimited ways, so there is no chance of you getting bored and no risk of getting get back to work any time soon.

Whether in terms of groundbreaking science or simple desktop fun, buckyballs are so cool because of their flexibility in design. There are already hundreds of different combinations of these interlocking pentagon/hexagon formations that have been found in the natural world, and with a little time on your hands, I’m sure that you can find some unique combinations of your own with the help of this new toy, which is only $29.95 and available from getbuckyballs.com

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