Facebook slides by Google in use of our time

Something historic happened in August. For the first time ever, Facebook surpassed Google’s hold on people’s Web surfing time.

facebook google 300x235 Facebook slides by Google in use of our timeAccording to the Associated Press, people spent 41.1 million minutes, or 9.9 percent of their online time, on the social-networking site of walls, pokes and farms, compared with 39.8 million minutes, or 9.6 percent, on Google’s sites, which include YouTube, Gmail, news stories and more.

Yahoo was third in terms of browsing, with 37.7 million minutes or 9.1 percent of surfers’ time. Facebook beat out Yahoo for the first time in July.

The amount of time Internet users have spent on Facebook has nearly doubled since August of last year, when they spent less than 5 percent of their time there, a similar figure with Google at the time. Then, Yahoo was king with 12 percent of users’ time.

The estimates come from comScore, which compiles reports from 2 million users and web servers from around the globe.

What does this mean? The Web has become undeniably a more social experience in the last year, with users gravitating toward Facebook as a place to share their photos and connect or reconnect with family members and friends locally or far away.

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