LG 31″ OLED TV to debut at IFA Berlin

LG's 31" OLED TV, due to launch at IFA Berlin this week.The IFA Consumer Electronics Show kicks off at the end of this week in Berlin, and one of the biggest announcements has already been revealed: LG will be showing off its latest OLED TV prototype, and it’s possibly the most impressive television you’ve ever clapped eyes on.

OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode – technology has long promised to be the next big thin in TV technology: offering low power draw, bright and colorful images, and black levels that we haven’t enjoyed since the days of CRT sets – but so far only small, expensive OLED displays have appeared. LG is looking to change all that with a ridiculously slim 31″ 3D-ready HDTV – the world’s thinnest – which it will unveil in the flesh at IFA, according to i4U News.

Although specifications are still under wraps, the 31″ display is thought to feature a 600Hz refresh rate – which halves to a still-impressive 300Hz in 3D mode – and a full-HD 1920×1080 resolution, alongside a raft of inputs as befits a premium set.

It’s the design, however, that makes this model stand out from the rest: at just 2.9mm thick, the TV almost disappears when viewed side-on – LG has quite literally created a cutting-edge set.

Sadly, the status of the display – thought to be a prototype – means that there’s no information on a firm launch schedule, and pricing is certainly out of the question. Given that existing, smaller, thicker OLED TV sets already cost several thousand dollars, however, you can expect to pay a significant premium for this up-and-coming technology.

If LG’s OLED TV launches at a sensible price level – unlikely, given its clearly premium design – it could herald the dawn of the OLED TV. Although the technology has been proven on a small scale – Samsung in particular is a big proponent of its use in smartphone displays, outfitting most of its handsets with its own Super AMOLED panels – large-format OLED screens are still mostly the stuff of myth and legend.

If a razor-thin 31″ OLED TV set is just a bit too small – and cheap – for you, another LG product due to launch at IFA is a 3D plasma display

measuring an incredible 180″ diagonal – although that’s unlikely to be aimed at home users, with the company targeting the commercial and corporate markets.

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