LG Optimus 7 smartphone to feature DLNA media streaming

The LG Optimus 7 streaming photos to a TV via DLNA

LG Electronics has confirmed its Optimus 7 smartphone, and offered a sneak peak at the entertainment features that buyers of the Windows Phone 7-based handset will be enjoying.

The LG Optimus 7 – not to be confused with the company’s similarly-named Android-based smartphone – is set to run on Microsoft’s up-coming Windows Phone 7 mobile platform, and it looks like LG is emphasising the entertainment possibilities that such a platform offers.

The Optimus 7 is set to feature multimedia file sharing

technology designed to be compatible with the Digital Living Network Alliance – DLNA – specification, as used for media streaming on many TVs, set-top boxes, and even games consoles.

The up-shot of this technology is that video and audio can be streamed to compatible devices wirelessly with, the company claims, “a single finger flick.” A menu on the handset reveals DLNA-certified devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and from there any media saved on the cellphone can be transferred and streamed – including music, video, and photos.

Seong-jin Park, vice president of the company’s mobile handset research and development center, stated that “this unique feature is a direct response to the growing need for technologies that empower users to share multimedia content across electronic devices,” and further stated that “LG Optimus 7 smartphones will be at the center of a complete entertainment experience.”

It’s a neat technology – and as DLNA sees increasing adoption in the living room, one which could make it far easier to share content without the need to fiddle with HDMI cables and Bluetooth audio receivers. However, it’s not the first time such a thing has been tried.

Despite LG’s claims that the technology is unique, it’s not the first company to include UPnP-style media sharing on its portable devices: as well as third-part apps for many modern smartphones, older feature phones such as the Symbian-based N95 from Nokia included the option to stream media to or from a UPnP or DLNA compatible device – although the interface wasn’t as smooth as that planned by LG.

Sadly, further details of the other features likely to be part of the handset’s launch package weren’t mentioned during the announcement.

Although the company hasn’t offered any clarification on the specifications of the Optimus 7, it has confirmed that the handset will be going on sale world wide “early in the fourth quarter of this year.” Pricing information is, predictably, nowhere to be seen.

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