Real Pinball Magic for iPhone and iPod Touch

pinball magic accessory iphone ipod touch 300x296 Real Pinball Magic for iPhone and iPod Touch

While there seems to be an app for practically anything you can imagine, some of us hanker for the days of good old fashioned hands-on game playing. The New Potato Pinball Magic accessory offers the best of both worlds, with full iPhone/iPod Touch integration together with a real – if tiny – hands-on pinball machine.

The Pinball Magic really is in a class all of its own, offering users a portable arcade experience where ever they happen to be. The Pinball Magic accessory simply plugs into the 30-Pin connector found on your iPhone or iTouch, and works alongside its counterpart application that you can download from the iTunes store. While this is nothing but a cheap little toy, it is fun and original enough to offer something exciting to the world of iPhone gaming.

The New Potato Pinball Magic machine comes with real flipper buttons and a ball-launching plunger, along with a hardware credit/select button that integrates with the app. It also comes with a LED-lit animated backbox that lights up in excitement when you manage to keep those points rolling in. While this is a simple toy and probably not a signifier of anything, I can’t help to think that the Nintendo Wii, together with products like this, are helping to put hands-on control back on the game playing agenda.

There are a few different features included to emulate a true arcade playing experience, including multiple classic and unique playboard layouts, advanced multi-player competition features, four multi-ball modes, end of ball and replay bonuses, tilt detection, tilt warning, and a ball saver. If only there were some kind of gigantism machine you could buy to make this a real size pinball, and you would never have to go to the arcade again.


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