Top 10 Biggest Buildings in the World

10. Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand: 563,000 m²

It can be said that the airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport is largest airport in southeast asia, With a large waiting room and control room and administration area as well. It also own the the tallest control tower in the world. The total area of all buildings are equal to 563.000 m² (Not including the airstrip field).

biggest building in the world Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

9. Hong Kong International Airport, China: 570,000 m²

The ninth rank is still an airport from Hong Kong China, namely Hong Kong International Airport. It is also one of the busiest airport in the world. This airport buildings have an area of 570.000 m², most of the sides are made of glasses.

biggest building in the world Hong Kong International Airport China

Hong Kong International Airport, China

8. K-25, USA: 609,000 m²

K-25, USA is a center of uranium production and research in Tenesse, United States. This building was built in 1945 and cost up to 512 million dollars. the entire area of this building is around 609.000 m² and have U shaped.

biggest building in the world K-25 US

K-25, US

7. Pentagon, USA: 610,000 m²

The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States military and defense. So no wonder if the pentagon has a very unusual area, this is because there are many weapons in the Pentagon and various military technologies of the United States widespread throughout the building that reached 610.000 m².

biggest building in the world Pentagon US

Pentagon, US

6. The Palazzo, USA: 645,581 m²

Sixth rank is still occupied by the United States building, but this time instead of military building,It’s a grand hotel and casino located in the United States. The palazo Hotel and Resort is a luxury building with first class construction. This building area reaches 645.581 m².

biggest building in the world The Palazzo US

The Palazzo, US

5. Berjaya Times Square, Malaysia: 700,000 m²

Berjaya Times Square is a the largest shopping and entertainment center in Malaysia. At the Berjaya Times Square, there are two five star hotels, shopping centers, offices, Indoor Garden, and other luxury facilities, building area reaches 700 000 m².

biggest building in the world Berjaya Times Square Malaysia

Berjaya Times Square, Malaysia

4. The Venetian, Makau, China: 980,000 m²

As a major tourist destination as well as the World gambling arena, Macau require a complex place in which there are casinos, hotels, malls and so on, and The Venetian is the answer. This place meets all the requirements of tourists as a place of Leisure in Macau. The Venetian is reached 980 000 m² in area. This complex was built by property investment company owned by Sheldon Adelson.

biggest building in the world The Venetian Macau China

The Venetian Macau, China

3. Beijing Capital International Airport, China: 986,000 m²

Beijing Capital International Airport is an important airport in China. Beijing Capital International Airport, listed as number eight of the world’s busiest airport and the second largest airport in the world. This airport area reaches 986.000 m².

biggest building in the world Beijing Capital International Airport China

Beijing Capital International Airport, China

2. Aaalsmeer Flower Auction, Belanda: 990,000 m²

Aaalsmeer Flower Auction is a center of the world’s flower market. Every day, millions of flowers come to be marketed to the Netherlands and throughout Europe. The area of this largest flower market in the world reaches 990.000 m².

biggest building in the world Aaalsmeer Flower Auction Netherlands

Aaalsmeer Flower Auction, Netherlands

1. Dubai International Airport, Dubai: 1,500,000 m²

Dubai International Airport is the largest airport in the world, with 97 escalator, 157 lifts, 180 check in counters, and a parking space that could accommodate up to 2600 cars that also make this airport was chosen as the largest building in the world with total area of the building reaches 1,500,000 m². This is the building with the largest land investment in the world.

biggest building in the world Dubai International Airport Dubai

Dubai International Airport, Dubai

Do You want to invest on these kind of biggest buildings in the world?

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