Top 10 Scariest Places on Earth

10. Magh Sleacht, Cavan County, Ireland

In the past tense, Magh Sleacht plains is a place for the local people who are worship a god, named Crom Cruach. The people sacrifice one of their three children for Given to the God for the exchange with the Milk, Meat, and other basic needs. The Cruach Crom is very frightening for the local people because of the cruel demand, namely fresh human blood. Besides that they also afraid to worship the god, because of the adorer often found dead with tragic when worship.

Now, there are often smell a flesh and blood near the plain which kissed by local people, and also often see a shadow figure who circled the place at Sunset time.

scariest place on earth Magh Sleacht Cavan County Ireland

Magh Sleacht Plain, Cavan County, Ireland

9. Catacombs, France

In every years, the population of Paris grew rapidly, so, it needs place or land for people living. One of terrible way to solve this problem is to eliminate the graveyard. How about of those skeleton of the deaths? Those dead bodies is piled somewhere under the ground called Catacombs, until now. The skull stayed under the glittering city of Paris. This place also called Empire Of The Dead. Every years, thousands of tourists visit this place, and quite a lot of them who experience the strange happenings, the tour group seemed to be followed by something from behind while they visit this Catacombs. There are many occurrences, such as people who go there without tour guide, and they lost there forever, and also there are people who go there just to visit and fun, but the result is they lost in forever there.

scariest place on earth Catatombs France

Catatombs France

8. Palmyra Island, Pacific Ocean

The island is located in the southeast of the Hawaiian Islands and Samoan Islands, the island is known as the island that has “death” and “darkness” atmosphere.

Sharks in the island have been consuming 2-5 victims every months, and many of U.S. Marines on the World War II also found died on the island by eating fish poisoned with toxins from algae that widespread in the ocean surrounding the island. Settled on the island seemed to settle in Hell, said one of the ex-Marine who returned safely from the island.

scariest place on earth Palymra Island Pacific Ocean

Palymra Island Pacific Ocean

7. Concentration Camp Unit 731 Manchuria, Harbin, China

This is a place where China People mass killed in Manchuria war by the Japanese. Noted that 3000 China people were killed directly in a day, and 250 ,000 others held captive to death in the concentration camp. This place are known as “Nazi Concentration Camps in Asia”.

scariest place on earth Concentration camp Unit 731 Manchuria Harbin China

Concentration camp Unit 731 Manchuria Harbin China

6. Dracula Castle, Romania

This place is known as the Emperor’s Headquarters when Vlad Dracula fought against the Turks. When he successfully besieged by Turkish army, he tried to escape, carrying his son, but, his son fell on the way and left to die, and his wife was suicide at the palace. The place also famous in the Vlad Dracula era, the place he was impaled and tortured the Turks. He was famous for his sadistic for impaling the Turks. Therefore, he was known by the name of Vlad the Impaler, this place also be an inspiration for Irish novelist Bram Stoker to write his novel titled Dracula.

scariest place on earth Dracula Castle Romania

Dracula Castle Romania

5. Colosseum, Italy

I guess almost everyone know why this place become scary and horrible place. This place used to conduct the entertainment event with showing Gladiator fights until one of them die. Colosseum was once the venue for a spectacular show, which is a fight between animals, the fight between prisoners and animals, the execution of prisoners (noxii), water combat (naumachiae) by flooding the arena, and battles between gladiators (munera). For hundreds of years, thousands of people and animals died in the Colosseum shows.

scariest place on earth Colosseum Italy

Colosseum Italy

4. Greyfiar Firk Grave, Edinburgh, Scotland

This place is assessed as the scariest cemetery in the World, the local people there often get very cold air, and the stench when passing the cemetery area, at night, there also often heard shouting from inside the cemetery and the sound of broken glass is also often found there.

Building houses near the grave often haunted, notably the dungeon contained there, is the tomb of George McKenzie, an officer convicted of slander, the officer was tortured there, and he vowed revenge one day. Some person says that his spirit was known to haunt the houses in the surrounding area. Every year, tourists who come there can only come with Tour guide and not allowed to take photos there.

scariest place on earth Greyfiar Firk Grave Edinburgh Scotland

Greyfiar Firk Grave Edinburgh Scotland

3. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

This house was built by the widow Sarah Winchester, who is the wife of the boss of munition companies. Sarah’s life is never happy, her children dies while they were small because of disease. When Sarah consulted with a pastor who are usually handle the mystery occurrence, he said, “Winchester family had been cursed, because of the munitions which become her husband’s business has killed so many people during world war. And you have to build a house for you to inhabit and for spirit of the people who died because of the gunpowder. “

“You must build the house continuously, if you continue to build, you will live, if not, you will die”.

Sarah obey the word of the suggestion of him and build this house constantly, all kinds of doors, windows, installed continuously and noted that this house has hundreds of doors, hundreds of windows. At one point, she stopped building, and a day later, Earthquake occurred to her house, and this is as a sign that the spirits is not happy when she stopped building that house, finally, Sarah continued to add doors and windows until the end of her life. Nowadays, this house become tourists attraction. This house is known as a puzzle house. Until now, there is no clear number of how many doors and windows in this house.

scariest place on earth Winchester Mystery House San Jose California

Winchester Mystery House San Jose California

scariest place on earth Winchester Mystery House San Jose California Nowadays

Winchester Mystery House San Jose California Nowadays

2. Whitechapel, East London

This place considered as one of the place with highest crime level in the World. From the Early 19th Century, recorded thousands of cases of murder, rape, and mutilation that occurred in the area of Whitechapel. The most famous one is the serial murders by Jack The Ripper. The victims mostly killed in the Whitechapel area. A bars where Jack The Ripper that use to hang out. The area is shaded by the curious spirits of the victims of murder and mutilation killed in the area.

scariest place on earth Whitechapel East London

Whitechapel East London

1. Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, Poland

Why this place become the scariest place on earth? It is because of this places was a German concentration camp that used for killing hundred thousands of Jews by gas. You can imagine how their curious spirit full of revenge are haunting this place.

scariest place on earth Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp Poland

Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp Poland

Do you ever wanted to visit one of those scariest places on earth?

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