Top 5 Safest Banks in the World

5. KfW Bank

KfW Bank German KfW bank is owned by the Federal Republic of Germany and the States of Germany. Typically, KfW does not lend directly to enterprises or individuals, but it provides commercial banks with liquidity at low rates and long maturities, as well as with instruments to transfer risk. KfW are exclusively active in the international arena, each within their particular business areas.

safest banks in the world KfW bank 300x187 Top 5 Safest Banks in the World

KfW Bank

4. Caisse des Depots et Consignations (DCD)

French Caisse des Depots et Consignations (CDC) serves as an investment manager for the government and oversees tax-exempt funds collected by savings banks and the post office. CDC manages retirement plans for government employees who are not part of the civil service system. The bank provides a variety of investment banking, infrastructure lending, tax-exempt savings, housing loan and financing, retirement and pension funds, and other services to the French government and citizens at local, regional, and national levels.

safest banks in the world caisse des depots et consignations 199x300 Top 5 Safest Banks in the World

Caisse Des Depots et Consignations

3. Bank Nederlands Gemeenteen (BNG)

Netherlands The Bank Nederlands Gemeenten is a Dutch bank specializing in providing financing for (semi) publicly owned organizations, such as municipalities, public utilities, provinces, and public housing. The company was founded in 1914 in The Hague as the Municipal Credit Bureau (Gemeentelijke Creditbank).

safest banks in the world bank Nederlands gemeenten 300x192 Top 5 Safest Banks in the World

Bank Nederlands Gemeenteen

2. Landwirtschatliche Rentenbank

Jerman Rentenbank serves as a financial institution for agriculture sector (including forestry, fishing and horticulture) and the food industry in Germany. It was founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Loans are mainly granted via the end-user’s housbank in order to ensure compliance with competition-neutral activities.

safest banks in the world rentenbank Top 5 Safest Banks in the World


1. Rabobank

Netherlands Rabobank is a financial services provider with offices worldwide. The location is in the Netherlands, mainly. It provides both the domestic and international customers with an extensive array of services in the following areas; domestic and international rural and retail banking, wholesale banking, asset management and investment, leasing, real estate, and insurance.

safest banks in the world rabobank 292x300 Top 5 Safest Banks in the World


From the list of banks above, you can choose one of these banks as the place to do the savings or loaning. Before you decide to take out a debt from a bank, you will be offered by party of bank about the loans that will you take. If you feel you received bad advice from your lender, you can contact the bank that services of your complaint to claim back mis sold payment protection insurance on behalf on the consumer. Thus, you can contact the PPI claims management that provides the opportunity for you to claim back the payments that’s been wrong.

Do You Save your money in one of those safest banks in the world?

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