USA General Knowledge

On 4th July 1776 America declares itself as an independent country

The U.S President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865

According to a theory California State was nbamed by its Spanish settlers after a utopian society described in a popular 16th-century novel called Serged de Esplandian.

The State Georgia named after King George II of England, who charted the colony in 1732.

Louisiana state named after French King Louis XIV.

Washington Named after George Washington.

Wyoming derived from the Algonquin word for “large prairie place”

Rhode Island named by “Roode Eylandt” (Red Island) because of its red clay.

Teaxas word Derived from the Caddo Indian word for “friend,” or “ally.”

North and south Dakota taken from the Sioux word for “friend,” or “ally”.

Virginia and west virginia was Named after Queen Elizabeth I of England, the “virgin” queen, by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584.

Newyork was named after the Duke of York and Albany.

Minnesota was derived from the Sioux word for “sky tinted” or “muddy water”.

New Mexico is the Spanish name for the territory north of the Rio Grande.

Kansas word was taken from the Sioux word for “south wind people,” their name for anyone who lived south of Sioux territory.

Hawaii is an English adaptation of the native word Owyhee, which means “homeland”.

Indiana state was named by English-speaking settlers because the territory was full of Indians.

Kentucky was possibly derived from the Indian word kan-tuk-kee, meaning “dark and bloody ground.” Or kan-tuc-kec, “land of green reeds”, or ken-take, meaning “meadowland”.

Shakespeare invented the word ‘ assassination’ and ‘bump’

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