InPulse Smartwatch – the ultimate BlackBerry accessory?

InPulse SmartwatchIf you’re a BlackBerry user, there’s a gadget about the hit the market that you’ll probably want to take a look at: the InPulse Smartwatch wristwatch.

Designed to pick up where most wrist-based Bluetooth accessories leave off, the InPulse features an impressive full-color 1.3″ OLED display which ordinarily just displays the time – as any watch does.

Pair it with a compatible BlackBerry, however, and the device transforms into a wrist-borne communication accessory, displaying vital information on the status of your BlackBerry without ever having to go anywhere near your pocket.

The InPulse features an at-a-glance indicator for new messages – text messages, e-mails, and Twitter messages are all supported – and the device can even be told to display incoming messages to provide a quick and easy way to keep in contact.

As well as the surprisingly clear display, the InPulse Smartwatch features a small vibration motor, designed to offer a silent alert to incoming calls – and caller ID means that you can check to see if it’s worth digging your BlackBerry out of your pocket to answer or not.

Interestingly, the watch features one-button interaction – and there’s no way to set the time or alarms, as you would find with a standard watch. Instead, custom software installed on the BlackBerry handset allows the device’s alarms and message filters to be configured using a much simpler interface – and by grabbing the current time from the handset, the InPulse is almost guaranteed to be the most accurate watch hyou’ll ever own.

Sadly, the InPulse is a display-only device – if you want to reply to any of you’re messages, you’re back to fishing in your pocket for your BlackBerry.

The Smartwatch’s battery life is quoted at around four days per charge, assuming an average of 20 to 30 updates per day. If you’re more popular than that, you’ll have to adjust the lifespan estimates accordingly.

The company claims that the device is made from “high-grade materials” and fitted with a custom wrist-strap, but if you’re looking for where you can buy one there’s a catch – the InPulse Smartwatch is currently in late-stage beta testing, although the company behind it claims that things are going swimmingly and the device will be launched to market real soon now.

If you’re confident in the company’s prediction, and you’re looking for a way to make your BlackBerry more convenient, the company is taking pre-orders on its website for $149.99.

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