Top 9 Most Horrific Video Games Ever Made

Here’s the most horrific video games ever made. Some of the game players love to play horror game and get the horrific sensation while playing the game. The producer of the video games, try to satisfy them with the best horrific games. So here’s the most horrific video games ever made

9. Alone in the Dark, PC

This game is one of the oldest Horror Survival game in the market.Players are given the option to choose between the character male or female (Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood), and then trapped in the haunted house. From there you have to solve puzzles or you can choose to fight zombie slaves. You will also find creatures like giant two-legged rats along the road. The story of the game is quite good. This is the kind of game that You will want to try to finish as You want to solve the mystery.

most horrific game in the world alone in the dark

Alone in the Dark

8. System Shock 2, PC

This game debuted in summer 1999, to scare people. Really deep in the use characters and the story of amnesia, it is a game that really will make you sweat. This game really gives the atmosphere of the early starts. A repulsive character models make you want to shoot them with any weapon you have. The voices are also very disturbing. The most frightening moment: a similar scene from the film and novel of the past that make you afraid.

most horrific games in the world System Shock 2

System Shock 2

7. Condemned “Criminal Origins”, PC

This game inspired by films such as Silence of the Lambs and Se7en. Released by Sega on April 11, 2006, offers several new and intimidating tactics. There are no zombies and the big house, just a spray of blood from the head.

You take the role of Ethan Thomas, an agent of the SCU (Serial Crime Unit) that uses forensic tools that revealed the murder of two policemen trapped in the condemned parts of a fictional American city named “Metro City” while hunting a serial killer. Thomas investigation is further complicated by a mysterious phenomenon that changed while the population of the area became insane, psychotic violence. For Thomas, the player to investigate crime scenes using forensic tools and technical, as you resist the constant attacks. With the hope to catch a serial killer and escaped alive, and prove that he is innocent to the police.

most horrific games in the world System Condemned Criminal Origins

System Condemned Criminal Origins

6. Undying, PC

The game begins in 1923, after World War I when veteran Patrick Galloway received an emergency letter from his friend Jeremiah Covenant. Galloway was well renowned of the ability to deal with special unexplained things, such as, in health cure and eliminate the curse that has destroyed the whole family. Galloway was traveling to areas on the coast of Ireland to visit Covenant, his friend, with a strange tale of supernatural terror.

The Curse then kill the entire family of Jeremiah and turn them into monsters where you have to meet them later. There you will be dealing with spooky places, cult books and terrifying monsters. Did I mention that you also can use mantra in this game? Not only to destroy the monster but is also used to solve some puzzles to finish this game.

most horrific games in the world Undying


5. F.E.A.R, PC

F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) released on October 17, 2005. A horror-themed first-person shooter developed by Monolith Productions and published by Vivendi. This game is also packed with action, bloody effects and unique features such as the Matrix and Max Payne where you can slow time to dodge bullets. Cool right?

The atmosphere of this game is based on another Japanese horror movie. Another little girl ghost that will hunt you down to all the games. Even the sound of his voice was Japanese themed.

most horrific games in the world FEAR


4. Doom 3, PC and Xbox

Doom 3 makes a hit in August of 2004 when it was released. With sales of 3.5 million dollars through the numbers, Doom 3 is the most successful game developed by Id Software until today. Doom 3 was developed from an old video game series, by removing the old Doom story line and make it the best.

Doom 3 story approach is centered on Mars with the main objective is to stop the demons and monsters who throw havoc on the earth. This game offers an environment with high detail, model monsters and demons and realistic sound effects.

most horrific games in the world Doom 3

Doom 3

3. Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly, Playstation 2 and Xbox

Fatal Frame 2 has an original storyline. Twin sisters Mio and Mayu Amakura visit the place where they played when They was a child. Mayu follows a mysterious red butterflies deep in the jungle. Mio started to follow his twin sister, and two girls are led into a village shrouded in fog. While it seems deserted, the twins quickly realized that the souls of the dead who tormented wandering, remembering the day of the failed ceremony and trap them forever in this state.

No guns, no creepy mansion, No zombies. Your main weapons are your camera, it’s true. A camera that can ward off ghosts. From there you will collect various types of film (as the ammunition you) and solve the mystery of the whole village. If you like Japanese horror movies then I suggest you spend time playing this game.

most horrific games in the world Fatal Frame 2

Fatal Frame 2

2. Silent Hill 1, Playstation

Silent Hill is the buzz on RE series. What makes this game unique is that makes you shudder, when the zombies are chasing you. Do not turn off the lights and make sure the radio turned on when you play this game. This is best Silent Hill all-time from Environmental effects of light and very creepy. The most scary moment: when the city turned into a sea of blood with the Ding Dong sound made by the clock on the tower.

most horrific games in the world Silent Hill 1

Silent Hill 1

1. Resident Evil 1, PC and Playstation 2

The game was first released in 1996 on the PS1 console. Capcom makes one characteristic to make this classic game to be the best. From the original window to destroy zombies, crawling on the ceiling and a puzzle that takes time, anyone that played will remember that.

The most frightening moment: Opening a new door that just opened the lock is one of the most frightening thing in this game. You can’t guess what is behind the door. Capcom made a good job on the effects of opening the door, Eveyone will love the surroundings of black and loud voice with horrific sensations.

most horrific games in the world Resident Evil 1

Resident Evil 1

Have You played those most horrific video games ever made?

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