X-Ray cellphone offers insight into inner workings

X-Ray Cellphone

If you’re the sort to peer into your gadgets to divine how each little component makes up the whole, you’re going to love a new cellphone that’s just launched in Japan: the X-Ray Phone keeps nothing hidden.

The entire casing of the clamshell handset is made from a translucent material, giving the user a unique insight into the components that make the device work – and a choice of three colors means that you won’t be left with a completely plain device.

The clever transparent casing is formed from colored polycarbonate fused with glass fibre, giving it a strength that belies its see-through nature – and should prevent unfortunate cracks from appearing if you’re a trifle incautious with your portable gadgets.

As well as its unique appearance, the device manages quite well as a cellphone, with a main 3-inch TFT display complemented with a somewhat retro 7×102 dot-matrix sub-display on the outer cover of the clamshell-format device.

There’s an 8 megapixel auto-focus camera with flash, a surprisingly high specification in a ‘designer’ cellphone, which is capable of taking 9-shot or 4-shot continuous shooting as well as up to 90 minutes of VGA-quality video. Both video and still modes feature shake elimination to keep the picture clear in low-light conditions.

Hailing, as it does, from Japan, the X-Ray cellphone features modes of use that we can only dream of seeing this side of the pond, including an integrated TV tuner that not only allows users to watch their favourite broadcasts live when they’re out and about but to record them to SD card too, and to transfer content from other home devices to watch on the go.

The compact device, measuring 49mm x 100mm x 15.7mm and weighing just 123g, also doesn’t do too badly in the battery stakes: with a standby time rated at 270 hours and a talk time of 210 minutes, you’ll need to be charging fairly often but it should still last you through an average day.

The specifications might be impressive enough, but it’s the design that will wow – and that comes courtesy of noted Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, who has previously worked with the great designers Shiro Kuramata and Issey Miyake. Not only did Yoshioka design the body of the cellphone, but he also had a hand in the user interface – which gives it a stylish display very few handsets can match.

Sadly, there’s no news about whether the X-Ray Phone will be available anywhere except Japan, but you can drool over additional photographs over on the official page.

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