SMX East

The conference in NYC has been good. Much to digest but mainly coming away with an overall thought process that is more in line with what the SE’s are thinking and where they are headed.

As I had placed in a previous post its really like the web world is coming full circle and trying to get back to the roots of how humanity interacts. Its a tough job to do with the power of technology and how easily things can manipulate. But give it time and it will sort out most of the scamming and continue to reward the honest.

Word of Mouth = Inbound Link basically and depending on whos mouth its coming out of determines how powerful that WOM is.

The challenging part is here, by illustration:

Bill Gates – WOM = Link -> Your Site = :-)

Osama Bin Laden – WOM = Link -> Your Site= Still :-)

The SE’s want to filter out the Bin Laden links no matter how important they are as they are not related to my topic. Of course its tempting to want that link but its not real. I mean, think about it would you want Bill Gates recommending a buddy of his to your site for some service for babysitting or would you want Bin Laden endorsing you personally? Exactly.

So, lets all work towards that goal and treat websites = a person.
Another allegory on getting links or blog spam:

Would you go to a place of business that had a sign in its front area and pencil in your business name right below theirs even if you bought something from their store? I think that is what we feel like we can do when we post on their site.

Now, option 2 is to walk into the store owner and ask them if you can put a flier up on his front door as your services would tend to help his customers.. ahah, ,right approach, very hard.. but the SE’s are looking for that kind of connection.

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